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章程 Details


(1)    男子及女子團體分齡賽 (Men’s and Women’s Teams)

A.     40-49 - 19511960年出生者

(For players of ages 40 to 49 - born in 1951 to 1960) 

B.     50-59 - 19411950 年出生者

(For players of ages 50 to 59 - born in 1941 to 1950) 

C.     60歲以上 - 1940年或以前出生

(For players of age 60 or above - born before 1939)




(2)    男子及女子單打分齡賽 (Men’s and Women’s Singles)

A.     40-49 - 19511960年出生者

(For players of ages 40 to 49 - born in 1951 to 1960)

B.     50-54 - 19461950 年出生者

(For players of ages 50 to 54 - born in 1946 to 1950)

C.     55-59 - 19411945 年出生者

(For players of ages 55 to 59 - born in 1941 to 1945)

D.     60-64 - 19361940 年出生者

(For players of ages 60 to 64 - born in 1936 to 1940)

E.      65-69 - 19311935 年出生者

(For players of ages 65 to 69 - born in 1931 to 1935)

F.      70歲或以上 - 1930年或以前出生者

(For players of age 70 or above - born before 1930)


(3)    男子及女子雙打分齡賽-兩名球員合計之年齡 (Men’s and Women’s Doubles)

A.     80歲或以上

(For players whose combined ages are 80 years or above)

B.     100歲或以上

(For players whose combined ages are 100 years or above)

C.     120歲或以上

(For players whose combined ages are 120 years or above)


* 以上各項賽事之參賽穻~齡必須仴40歲或以上. *

(All players has to reach 40 years old or above.)



(4)    賽制 (Tournament)


(Men’s team will be played in the best three sets out of five singles, three players of which two must play two singles each and the third player to play the remaining one single. Each team can enrol five players with a minimum of three.)


(Women’s team will also be played in the best three sets out of five, but with a double amidst instead of the third single. Four players can be enrolled with a minimum of two.)


(5)    賽規 (Rules)

以國際乒聯現行球例為準.本會派出合資格裁判.比賽用球採用日本三星Nittaku 38cm黃球為準.

(The recent rules adopted by the World Tournament will be applied. We will provide qualified umpire throughout. Also the Japanese 3 stars Nittaku yellow 38cm balls will be used.)


(6)    報名費 (Application Fees)

-男子及女子團體 每隊港幣600

(Men’s and Women’s Team HK$ 600 each team)

-男子及女子單打 每人港幣100

(Men’s and Women’s Single HK$ 100 each person)

-男子及女子雙打 每對港幣100

(Men’s and Women’s Double HK$ 100 each pair)


(7)    報名手續 (Application Detail)

a.       填妥報名表連同匯票一郵寄(香港,九龍大角咀,洋松街78-78A,3/F)藝昇乒乓球會收.

(Please fill in the application form and mail with the Bank Draft in the name of “NGAI SING PING PONG CLUB LTD.” to “3/F, 78-78A, LARCH ST., TAI KOK TSUI, KOWLOON, HK.” )

b.      或可電匯報名費到以下銀行戶口香港匯豐銀行戶口No.:178-188959-001,而電匯抬頭請寫藝昇乒乓球會有限公司,再將電匯收據連同報名表傳真到本會(傳真號碼:852-23933479 852-24891325).

(or please remit (T/T) your payment to our banker “Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd., Hong Kong” account no.: 178-188959-001 in the name of “NGAI SING PING PONG CLUB LTD.” and thereafter fax the payment receipt with application form to us : Fax no.852-23933479 or 852-24891325)

c.       填妥報名表於截止日期前先傳真到本會,並於比賽前一日將報名費交到本會.(此項祗中國各地球會適用)

(Application form should be facsimiled to us first and pay the relevant application fees at least one day before competition.) (Only applicable for China Origin’s Club)

d.      網上報名: 詳情請到以下網址瀏灠


(Application by E-mail. Please browse our web site:

 E-mail address:


(8)    比賽日期及地點 (Competition date and place)

全部賽事將於2000112 – 4日上午九時至下午七時,假九龍歌和老街公園乒乓球中心4舉行.

(Competition will be held on 2nd-4th November, 2000 AM9:00 – PM7:00, at 4/F, CORNWALL STREE PARK TABLE TENNIS & SQUASH CENTER, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon)


抽籤 (Draw lots)


(All draw lots will be held at our club on 20thOctober, 2000 at 8:00P.M..)

  獎品 (Prize)


 (Every Champion, Runner-up and second runner-up will have a trophy.)

  頒獎日 (Prize Presentation Ceremony)


 (Ceremony will be held on 4thNovember, 2000, at 7:00 P.M., at YAU YAT CHUEN CLUB, Kowloon. After the ceremony, free dinner will be served.)

 備註 : 本會有權要求各參賽球員出示身份証明文件.本會可隨時修改細則,恕不另行通知.

 (Remarks: We reserve the rights to examine legal documents to verify dates of birth and to change any regulation without prior notice.)

  截止報名日期 : 20001010 (Deadline for enrolment : 10thOctober, 2000)